Create an intonation piece based on a one minute audio byte. Pay attention to the best way in which you can use typography to create character/mood for your piece. 



One of my favorite speeches is Chris Hardwick's introductory monologue to the 2013 Streamy Awards. He discusses at length the impact of web video on the television and film industry, and how it has revolutionized the distribution of content people want to see. It is a topic I find not only really interesting but I am super passionate about. There was so much to pick from this humorous monologue, so I decided to animate the section a lot of internet users can relate to when perusing through web videos, which is the comment section (especially on YouTube).  I tried to keep the piece minimalistic in design, and really focus on using typography and color creatively, to emphasize Hardwick's comedic tone, and content. 

*I highly recommend watching the full monologue here or below.


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